Dec 30, 2010

Nov 19, 2010

Some early Christmas Lightshow... Plus Broken Cellphone!

... The Devils in the Details...
GAWD.... My Phone still is broken... But I got some sweet pics...
[WARNING... This is Image-Heavy!]

Nov 17, 2010

Nov 11, 2010

[Good Smile Company] Nendoroid Kinoshita Hideyoshi, Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

[Good Smile Company]
Nendoroid Kinoshita Hideyoshi
From the Anime Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
[Pls... Remember this is a boy]

Oct 30, 2010

End of Story... Goodbye - The First Month Relapse

The Beginning of my Blog...

          The beginning of my blog that I easily named "End of Story... Goodbye" talks about life as its craziest which includes:
 - Stuff that I'm interested in which include Anime, Japanese Figures & artistry that I do...
 - Life which is crazy and its normality...
 - ... And... Whatever's on my interest.
So.. I'll begin my the blog with the culmination of what has happened this whole month.

Oct 28, 2010

Oct 21, 2010

Table Flippin' RAGE!


          Well, after a day of no internet... Which I can't see new figure photographs, new artworks and download new anime since my internet connection at home is pissing me off to the brink of annihilation... And I'm getting rusty or my mind is just getting too distracted that I got a low score... 29.3% off of the passing score in a exercise... I really need to focus on the more important suff now... I'm really annoyed at myself... Which would bring upon my phrase of the week: "TABLE FLIPPIN' RAGE!!!!!!!"

Oct 16, 2010

Miko in Black

Miko in Black

Artistry... Myr & MIB

Artistry and stuff like that...

Well... Its time for me to do some artworks and here are the one's I've done... The first one is a simple Myr from the Trading Card Game "Magic the Gathering".
Well... Its as simple as it can be... I swear, I should do more dynamic artwork and stuff... Well skipping that, and on to the next one...

Well, its time to meet with the MIB[Miko in Black]. Nendo Hakurei Reimu... Just starting with the bow, but in the end, almost all of what' she's wearing will be black... So get ready for the MIB[Miko in Black]

Miko in Black[Draft]

And here's the Final Thing

A Miko in Black

Well... That's all I can write about. End of Story... Goodbye!

Some new obtainments [Oct. 01 - Oct. 15]

Some new obtainments

          Looks like I've done a ton of shopping and its really annoying me. I should be saving my money... But, all I'm doing is spending on so much that I'm really annoyed and I hate myself on doing it so. But, I guess I should be happy on what I've got... And here's the news of what the heck I've obtained:

Oct 8, 2010


Well... Its a new day, and me just made my 1st buy of Magic the Gathering's new expansion "Scars of Mirrodin" in our local TCG store. Well, my time was limited and so, I bought one Booster pack... Well, there was one group of three who bought before me, they got a good rare. And it was my turn to buy just one booster pack, and I picked one booster pack, which they were supposed to get and I bought it... I opened it and this guy shows up!!!! ZOMG! LUCKY!!!!

ZOMG! Koth of the Hammer... Its like $45!!!!!!
I'm so satisfied today!!!!! Yeah... So, End of Story... Goodbye!

Oct 6, 2010

Flash Effect to Training Sessions of Advancement

My day begins... And time for me to get my priorities in effect!

Well... After some time drawing and my mind continuing to wander in different areas, my drawing skills are getting dodgy and I definitely need more training in drawing and time for me to do some practice my photograpy skills... I need my mind to think clearly.

Well, I still have a work to do in Flash... An animation, and I should resume it now. Its been a long time since this was in my mind, but so much stuff happening, and my mind is so much wandering around... Its driving me nuts.

Well... I know now what should be the new day happening for me to do...

1. Practice my drawing skills and photography skills
2. Finish that Flash Work...
3. Study on my Studies...[I'm still a College Student]
4. Limit my things on useless stuff...

OK! With that done...

EOSG[End of Story... Goodbye]

Oct 3, 2010

A new day dawns and this time is going to be a new beginning.

Time for a new day to dawn.

Well... Its a new day and time for me and time for me to begin anew! Its time for me to begin my blog and time for me to begin my life anew.

So, that's it... End of Story... Goodbye!