Oct 28, 2010

Customized Figma Project

Customized Figma Project
Starting my project: "Customized Figma Project"

Well... Its my time to think of a small time project of modifying a Figma. And choosing from a wide choices is hard... And what should the customized Figma be is also a choice of damnation. So this project would be worked on next year.

So here are my choices of Figmas on the fire. These are my choices of Figmas that I can Ab-Use to modify... And only one is going to be chosen as the Figma I'll be modifying.

Choices of Figmas to Modify:

Black ★ Rock Shooter
Saber Lily
Mitsurugi Meiya
Shamal Knight
Fate Testarossa - [Uniform Version]
Nanoha Takamachi - [Uniform Version]

But after some thinking and paying attention to stuff leik that, I have eliminated some choices and here's my top picks...

/One of my top Choices to Modify/

Black ★ Rock Shooter

Saber Lily


After choosing these two/three... My mind is working on it... I will be before the end of the year... I hope. And thus, End of Story... Goodbye!

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