Oct 16, 2010

Artistry... Myr & MIB

Artistry and stuff like that...

Well... Its time for me to do some artworks and here are the one's I've done... The first one is a simple Myr from the Trading Card Game "Magic the Gathering".
Well... Its as simple as it can be... I swear, I should do more dynamic artwork and stuff... Well skipping that, and on to the next one...

Well, its time to meet with the MIB[Miko in Black]. Nendo Hakurei Reimu... Just starting with the bow, but in the end, almost all of what' she's wearing will be black... So get ready for the MIB[Miko in Black]

Miko in Black[Draft]

And here's the Final Thing

A Miko in Black

Well... That's all I can write about. End of Story... Goodbye!

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