Jun 29, 2011

Eye be a pathetic Troll... Plus Erratic Thinking of the Mind

Typical pointless and non-caring boredom... And a new way of thinking.

The trials, boredom and return of such stupid trolling around. Female Mecha/Robot/Android name thinking and use of a new BL Figma or easily obtainable, yet cheap Figma for the next project. And many more stuff happening...

Jun 25, 2011


The 10th year of Toycon... Rants, Crazies and WTFs!

... All explained in a few moments...
Alodia Fantards, my customized figure, good scores, and 90% a disaster in the making... And I didn't cause it! >^<

Jun 9, 2011

My Artworks and some Future comings.

Drawings and thing Incoming for the future... 

Remodeling and redesigning is what I really need. It's been like almost half a year since I halted drawing and after looking at some works, I guess I am a long way from the Awesome artist out there in deviantArt/Pixiv/And other Areas. Future things are coming and stuff need to be done.