Jun 25, 2011


The 10th year of Toycon... Rants, Crazies and WTFs!

... All explained in a few moments...
Alodia Fantards, my customized figure, good scores, and 90% a disaster in the making... And I didn't cause it! >^<
... OK... Today is Saturday June 25, 2011 and its been a week at the aftermath of TOYCON 2011. The 10th TOYCON and this is a big thing... OK, let's begin on Saturday[Day 1]. Day 1 was entrance and stuff happens.  Line was long for both buying ticket and entrance. But, after like 30 mins to 1 hr... Entered the area and found some stuff and meet some forum members. Our group, Otakai Figure Society participated in figure displays.

OK, time for me to do some discovering and some looking around. Found some great things and so many discounts and good things I could buy... But, with such a limited amount of cash to spend... I should find stuff and find the ones that you could buy. And I bought some good things... And I bought a pair of Glasses... I didn't need it, but for those who wish to be Meganekos... Here's your chance!

After scoring a item for those wishing to be meganekos, I bought a Christmas Evangelion figure with a small Asuka figure inside... It included as well a volume 7 of the manga and stuff... Done! She was my 1st fave Evangelion girl before Makinami Mari Illustrious came along.

Asuka... Asuka... Asuka!

Now scored a mysterious Gurren Lagann Trading figure. With partially no idea on what am I scoring at, yet any character from the series is pure AWESOME!!! Here's my checking... And I got a Yoko Teacher AKA Yomako Sensei. It's not one great work in terms of its coloring and stuff, but getting the figure was plain score!
Yah! Yomako-Sensei!

Now, after moving some other things in the moment, I entered my customized figma... I know I won't win since it's my first time and I'm a newbie in this... So after the revelation of this thing, I'll refine and work on this in the future. And next time, I'll win it! There was other contests that I could have entered like figure photos and stuff... Even though I didn't win, this made me worked up and brushed up my courage to work hard in everything I should do.

... Of course I didn't enter this one as it is! I did some repainting and that's all.

So, afternoon breaks, I ate lunch, returned to the battlefield and this where crazy thing happens. The coming of Goddess Alodia. The Philippines' cosplay goddess, a celebrity on her own with her sister Ashley and a famous person. What else I could say about her. OK, they're shooting a cosplay event at the other part of the area and almost everything was fine...  But, she comes along and almost everybody in that area showed their true colors and stormed their ways to go to her. I want to get a good photo of her, and maybe a good photo with her... But, those fantards are jerks and they decided to set up base for autographs and photos with her. The mass of morons and an unorganized composition made me miss a good chance and deny me access... Yet, the organizers and mass of people there are such F-in! poozers doing some jerkgasm. This pretty much made everything crazy... And this is just day 1. Yet, one of the members of our group managed to crawl his way through the rough seas of poozers and manged to get a autograph PLUS a photo with her! U so lucky!


Day 2 I was a no show... But, the forum members truly explained so much stuff about what happened and night time I was give access to go back. 30mins... It was enough and I discovered still many crazy and annoying thing that have happened there... Thus the day was still as hectic as day 1. Skipping and stuff...

Good Cosplayers, WTF Forum Members, Great discounts on toys and stuff, and the whole shebang under one roof! Thus, a Photobomb of pictures! [Plz. be noted that I am not in one of them...]

Whoever put that there.. You know what's coming to your room next week!

End thus concludes our TOYCON things on the POST-Report. Well, I learned stuff during this TOYCON.  First of all, search everything and everything. Next, bring your life's savings or maybe yet just enough money for impulse buy plus food PLUS entrance fee. Then, organizers here are more disorganized than a file cabinet. If I could organize this event, I will make it more free flowing and not a shaky ordeal. This much crazies is bringing my brain to dead zone. Anyway, bottom line and finishing this quickly as possible. This ends our TOYCON POST-Report. End of Story... GOODBYE!

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