Jun 9, 2011

My Artworks and some Future comings.

Drawings and thing Incoming for the future... 

Remodeling and redesigning is what I really need. It's been like almost half a year since I halted drawing and after looking at some works, I guess I am a long way from the Awesome artist out there in deviantArt/Pixiv/And other Areas. Future things are coming and stuff need to be done.

Here's some of my arts from when I started til' today which is the present.

 Here's my art during 2006... What, a square face and he looks so plain and stupid looking... Well, I did like this artwork once when I was that young.... Well, the years marches on...

Here's my art in 2007. Nothing changes and still looks to me now like trash... I do need more work.
  I think I didn't work anything grandiose in 2008, but I can find one in the mess of things... I hope. Well, here's 2009. Well, 1st impressions impresses me. The draft look of the artwork already impresses me and this one almost speaks for itself. Yet, I still do need the extra practice runs for the next design.
 Here's my work last year[2010]. Definitely looks nothing to what I can do last four years. This looks definitely worth my while.

After doing almost nothing almost a year, I lost maybe some motivation and things which made my work a bit going back to the olden days of 2006 which I don't wanna relive.

Here's my work this year. It's a work in progress, but give me a day or so and I'll make this one look really nice. And I like the look I made. Looks bad-@$$ and Nice... I may even create a costume for myself to wear this one.

Well, after ranting about my artwork for the past 5 years, there was great improvements, but I'm definitely impressed. Now, let's march on to what should come next.
Toycon... Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2011 has entered its 10th year. And this will be my 2nd time going to this convention. I wasn't paying attention in the past. But, this time I'm hoping my parents let me go here. I can definitely have a really good reason to join since I'm working on my Customized Figma Her name Kurosaka Ise [黒坂 伊瀬] and I will refurbish and complete it before Toycon comes.

And... Here's what She looks like last week or so, Toycon... She will be refurbished and completed.

The incoming Figma Kuroi Mato from the anime: Black ★ Rock Shooter will be re-released and still be in the Limited+Exclusive Status... But, I manage to get one for myself. Me so lucky! >^< And that face! XD

A newly previewed Nendoroid from Mikatan releases, Nendoroid Puchitto Rock Shooter... No words I can come up with this figure except, its so F-in! cute >^< Maybe the cuteness was caused because of the artist behind the Figure CHANxCO. It definitely fits!

Man, what a long day for me and tomorrow will come and my day will begin and a lot of work will come. I'd better stop doing nothing and start doing something worth my time and don't procrastinate! And... This blog is done! End of Story... Goodbye!

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