Oct 21, 2010

Table Flippin' RAGE!


          Well, after a day of no internet... Which I can't see new figure photographs, new artworks and download new anime since my internet connection at home is pissing me off to the brink of annihilation... And I'm getting rusty or my mind is just getting too distracted that I got a low score... 29.3% off of the passing score in a exercise... I really need to focus on the more important suff now... I'm really annoyed at myself... Which would bring upon my phrase of the week: "TABLE FLIPPIN' RAGE!!!!!!!"

And to really make my Rage know, I decided to draw this to let you know how annoyed I am!!!


After sometime, we finally got Internet again! Yet, I did some good thing and decided to have some photoshooting with my Figma Yamagi Hayate. Here's a Preview:

Well my rage has been known, and showing some serenity in the aftermath.  That's all she wrote. End of Story... Goodbye!

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