Oct 16, 2010

Some new obtainments [Oct. 01 - Oct. 15]

Some new obtainments

          Looks like I've done a ton of shopping and its really annoying me. I should be saving my money... But, all I'm doing is spending on so much that I'm really annoyed and I hate myself on doing it so. But, I guess I should be happy on what I've got... And here's the news of what the heck I've obtained:

Figma Tsuruya: Obtained on Oct. 2, 2010
[ZOMG! Its my birthday and what a budget!]

Koth of the Hammer: Obtained on Oct. 8, 2010 
[OMG! Yes! P2000 is served on a P160 platter!]

Myr Battlesphere[Myr Deck Complete]: Obtained on Oct 12, 2010 
[Man this deck sucks! I should definitely go modify this shick!]

Figma Yamagi Hayate: Obtained on Oct. 15, 2010
[... I should start saving on my money! This is my last purchase until Christmas!]

 Dissapation Field: Obtained on Oct. 15, 2010 
[Man bad luck! I should definitely save my money...]

Well that's all I wrote... and that's all I got. I'm done!
End of Story... Goodbye

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