Oct 6, 2010

Flash Effect to Training Sessions of Advancement

My day begins... And time for me to get my priorities in effect!

Well... After some time drawing and my mind continuing to wander in different areas, my drawing skills are getting dodgy and I definitely need more training in drawing and time for me to do some practice my photograpy skills... I need my mind to think clearly.

Well, I still have a work to do in Flash... An animation, and I should resume it now. Its been a long time since this was in my mind, but so much stuff happening, and my mind is so much wandering around... Its driving me nuts.

Well... I know now what should be the new day happening for me to do...

1. Practice my drawing skills and photography skills
2. Finish that Flash Work...
3. Study on my Studies...[I'm still a College Student]
4. Limit my things on useless stuff...

OK! With that done...

EOSG[End of Story... Goodbye]

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