Oct 16, 2010

Miko in Black

Miko in Black
A Miko in Black has appeared... My nendo Hakurei Reimu which I did some simple coloring... Which I so like... Just looking at it makes me glee... Some quicky photoshooting early at home...

Reimu is driving her SUV... Or she's blessing this SUV with good fortunes...

Black Reimu is nice!

Last few shots... I really like the coloring I've done here!
What would the Black Miko do next!? We shall see...

Well... That's all I've done and what I've made. Its good and finished.
End of Story... Goodbye!


  1. wow she's really cute!

    Nice coloring! Thanks also for passing by my blog.

  2. Hello :-)
    Nice work ! Did it with brush or airbrush ?