Oct 30, 2010

End of Story... Goodbye - The First Month Relapse

The Beginning of my Blog...

          The beginning of my blog that I easily named "End of Story... Goodbye" talks about life as its craziest which includes:
 - Stuff that I'm interested in which include Anime, Japanese Figures & artistry that I do...
 - Life which is crazy and its normality...
 - ... And... Whatever's on my interest.
So.. I'll begin my the blog with the culmination of what has happened this whole month.

First Ten days of October[October 1,2010 - October 10,2010]

          First few days of October also coincide with my birthday[Oct. 2,1988]... Yeah, I'm old... And I got my opportunity to go to a Anime convention. "Cosplay Mania X" which I would say that its been 10 years of Filipino people doing cosplay and loving Anime... That's all... Yet there's so much stuff there I'd like to bash about and talk about:
 - There was a cute kid who cosplayed as Reborn.
 - The cosplayers of Domon Kashuu & Master Asia are somewhat disgraceful to their whom they're trying to cosplay.
 - I saw some of my friends their.
 - Joined the Gunpla building contest their. I didn't win... But, I got a free FG Gundam Kyrios
 - The area was more confusing than the last scenes of a confusing movie.
 - I got a Figma Tsuruya-san for a sweet sweet bargain! And it was super sweet as I got also a free poster of Dead Master.
Definitely my birthday was oh so sweet and awesome!

          Well... It was a Friday and its been a week after Magic the Gathering released their new expansion "Scars of Mirrodin" in our local TCG store. Well, my time was limited and so, I bought one Booster pack... Well, there was one group of three who bought before me, they got a good rare. And it was my turn to buy just one booster pack, and I picked one booster pack, which they were supposed to get and I bought it... I opened it and this guy shows up!!!! ZOMG! LUCKY!!!!

ZOMG! Koth of the Hammer... Its like $45!!!!!!
I'm so satisfied today!!!!!

          Nothing much else to talk about the other days except the 10/10/10... Nothing interesting enough. 
Second Ten days of October[October 11,2010 - October 20, 2010]

          My new day is so beginning as I continue to do my thing... Skipping long sentences and gets straight to the point. My mascot is now in design... Her name is Makoto Beltran. My inspiration for her design came from a Figma which I would not tell you guys... If I had the time and resources, I'm definitely going to modify that figma to represent Makoto Beltran... And NO! She isn't from Tsuruya-san! 
          Well... Its been over 100 days after the President of the Philippines "Noynoy" Aquino has been in office... And boy this guy has made more stupid decision that would be bad for the economy and definitely for our country. This makes Cirno looks like A genius! XD

Eye'm a Genius!

          OK! I've wasted so much money in buying so much stuff, that I'm trying to kill myself in not buying food for break-times at school just to buy some figures... And here's my new obtained figure:

The Figma Yamagi Hayate is almost the same size as a SIC KT figures.

          Looks like there's a storm coming... I'd better get ready for the coming storm... And time for me to do my last things to remember myself... And that is to save my money as much as I can...

          Well, my parents are out of the country for the next two days and I'm bored... So to relieve my boredom here's my customized Nendoroid Hakurei Reimu[Black Color Custom]

          Time to seize the moment and totally kill myself for doing a wrong thing... Especially making a lot of mistakes and crud like that... And the internet is annoying us... TABLE FLIPPIN' RAGE!!!!

Last days of October[October 21, 2010 - October 31, 2010]

          Oh yeah! Wanting to kill myself again for making a lot of mistakes in an exercise for not studying and spending too much money... But, the coming week is the start to save my money to the MAX!!!!! And after a short term of Saturday morning... I have come to a conclusion to do what I must... So, starting today[I hope...] I'm going to make my mark to save my money and for once in my life, focus on what I really need to do! And nothing else important happened today... So, I'll keep that in mind...

        Its going to be a tough pill to swallow. But, I've made up my mind. I'll sell my Jace, the Mind Sculptor. This person is going to fetch me a lot of money for just one card.
You sir are going to fetch me quite a lot of Money... Yet, its going to hurt inside.

And finally starting on my Customized Figma Project -> Customized Figma Project

So much stuff just happened in just one month... And to begin a new... Its time to begin November. And its blazing with fury!!!

Well... That's that. End of Story... Goodbye!

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