Nov 13, 2010

Farewell to a Friend

Farewell to a Friend
See you on the flip-side Jace.
Well, my heart of a collector would definitely break if I sell this card.
Jace, the Mind Sculptor first appeared in the set of Worldwake and it has proven the be the most powerful Planeswalker all around.
The shear power level has is also parallel to its price. When it was 1st released, it was P1200 or almost $25. But now, it reaches a unfathomable P3500 or almost $80. Of course I played with it(I only own one) and yet, its power level tells the story. A playset of him would like give you now one PSP or NDSi. The decks I've seen with this guy in playset[4 pieces of the card] would fetch out a grand fortune.

Now, my plans to sell him is tearing me into two. If I sell him, I'll be able to get a whole lot of money and could get two pieces of his older version, Jace Beleren... And to get a figure to boot... And have some saving money. 
Jace Beleren -> Before Jace, the Mind Sculptor

If I don't sell him, I won't be able to get some loot and still keep a decently powerful card in my possession. I won't be able to make a lot of money on it... DX

Now, I'm spreading the news throughout the MtG region in my city and people flock to get a piece of the action. And some of them have unreasonable low prices that wouldn't benefit me. <- Seriously, who the hell do they think they're dealing with. I don't understand why people like me are spending like $80 on a single piece of paper? I know its a trading card game, and this guy's power level is OVER 9000! But why I'm going to empty the coffers to just get one card? There are cheaper decks out there and cheaper planeswalkers you could use. So... Should I sell it, or not!?
And so a while ago... I sold him and said goodbye to him... So this is farewell to an awesome buddy. After attaining a reasonable cash from selling him, I'm going to buy two of his older version and get a figure to boot... Still, its going to be one tough road ahead. To make sure that I didn't sell him out just to get some cash. Here's an artwork which would describe his pure awesomeness...

... And this ends the Blog.
End of Story... Goodbye.

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