Nov 19, 2010

Some early Christmas Lightshow... Plus Broken Cellphone!

... The Devils in the Details...
GAWD.... My Phone still is broken... But I got some sweet pics...
[WARNING... This is Image-Heavy!]
Another thing that would piss me off is the breaking of my cellphone. It has been almost I think... five months since my phone is doing this weird screen thing. The only way I can see again normally is when I turn the phone's power off... Then turn it on again. So, I got some doing of normality and boredom... And continued to use this phone, even repaired it. But, the problem came back... I swear, when I finish college or my parents gives me a chance to get a new phone, I'll get a Nokia N8 or Nokia N97 mini or an iPhone 4G.

Whatever... So skipping my rants on my phone and get to my workings on the topic. Its my break in school... My class is somewhat in the beginning of night-time. 7:30pm and I'm done with my first class is done by 3:00pm... Talk about a long break. Since I can't go home, I decided to go to this place called the Ayala Triangle. So I've seen the poster which describes a Christmas Parol Lightshow in 6:00pm... So, I've decided to walk around and stuff... I waited and the night came and I saw this amazing lightshow.

This is a bad Photo... OK!

Since my phone's screen is broken and I have no idea what will my photos look like... So the devil is in the detail and no choice... I'm using the camera and with its "Partially" broken screen to take photos. And arriving home to blog this shick, here are the photos which I took...

With some bad photos and some good photos... Definitely I have some kind of idea in what the heck I'm doing with a "Partially" broken screen of a cellphone.

All stuff done here. This blog is finished. End of Story... Goodbye!

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