Dec 30, 2010

Lores, Sores and something that ends with Ore... In Singapore!

Ore Sanjou! In Singapore!

My Trip in Singapore[Dec. 25, 2010 - Dec. 28, 2010]
My 2nd Time in Singapore!

These are some rants and whacha ma hoozen and stuff which happened to me while I was in Singapore![Of course with my parents and sisters]

Prequel to the Trip[Dec. 23-24, 2010]

The beginning is the prequel of the story which will begin on Dec. 23, 2010. My parents bought Christmas gifts for me and my sisters. Nothing much until Dec. 24. Christmas Eve, is our tradition to go to two houses and do some bonding time with relatives. So Christmas time comes after the mass and we ate again and stuff. But now its time to open our presents. My gifts were decent enough.
I got myself a HG 1/144 Gundam X Divider

And a Figma Megurine Luka

Dec. 25, 2010[CHRISTMAS]

Well... We didn't have enough sleep since the time we got home and fixed our stuff was only 2 hours... Meaning... Two hours of sleep is not enough! So, our trip was three hours and we got there to sleep after eating lunch. We ate at Kopitiam, which definitely made me remembered my last trip there like ten years ago, and I think I ate the same thing when I was there. After lunch and sleeping our plan is to go to the Marina Bay Sands and head to the Sky Park... The problem was it was raining like heck and we just headed to the mall on the other side. After checking out them expensive stuff and excited on the stuff which the architectural stuff on the Marina Bay, we head to the Singapore Flyer. And just our luck, the rains temporarily suspend the flights and just in time, our flight to the Singapore Flyer started. Getting a Taxi in the Singapore Flyer at 10 in the evening is hard...

Dec. 26, 2010

Time to go to Sentosa. But, before we head to Church. Normal church... Exit... Now we head to Sentosa. We head to Harbour Front Station and explored Vivo City. Reason why we were late in arriving here, was because my parents decide to go to the Art Museum, which was nice. Well, we reached lunch time and we decided to eat somewhere in Vivo City. I encounter the store Superdog, which was blogged back by Kodomut which was lol... Anyway, the food was delicious and skipping the details, we head now to Sentosa. Sentosa really changed a lot, and the rains were also following us. Manage to enjoy the stay and did stuff. So, stuff happened and we managed to head back to the hotel. The only thing that pissed me off is a group of Indian tourists who doesn't know how to shut their traps, and they made line cutting to the extreme... which was rude definitely rude!

Dec. 27, 2010

Heading now to Universal Studios. Well, it was a sound plan for my parents to buy tickets on Dec. 25 to book our travel to the Studios at Dec. 27. Well, skipping the boring details and we ride a lot of rides... But, since the rides are jam packed to the brim, our parents bought the express pass for the three of us and manage to get to the tight squeezes. One shot only. We didn't get "Extremely" wet in Jurassic Park and Waterworld. But, the rides were as awesome as heck! We ate like 4pm for lunch... XD Enjoyment and the perfect opportunity for us to go to the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park. Well, Sky Park was awesome. Ending this... OK! Since some people shouldn't not know about that we saw a politician from our country in Universal Studios.

Dec. 28, 2010

Going home is pretty simple enough. After the city tour, we head to Bugis Street and got some stuff to give to our friends back in Manila. Got to see the place call Otaku House which is definitely 99% more interesting than the one in our county called Comic Alley. OK... We got to Changi Airport for our flight, and boy... This has got to be the most AWESOMESAUCE Airport around Asia! Free Internet connection, free Xbox 360 gametime, free foot Massage and free other stuff that I have to mention sooner or later, this is so AWESOMESAUCE! I can definitely say that this trip was enjoyable.


... Singapore is definitely a dream! Learning the history of Singapore makes me jealous since they were able to make their country from a third world to a first world in just 30 years. While our country is stuck in the third or second world country with tons of corruption and a stupid president! Sentosa, Universal Studios and Changi Airport were definitely AWESOMESAUCE... The food is still the same, nice and good to eat. I'm definitely jealous of them for their country is awesome.

... Definitely this trip was a complete success! Time to finish this blog!
End of Story... GOODBYE!

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