Jan 29, 2011

New obtainment [Jan 2011]

New Figures and Stuff!
First to Arrive! The beginning of the New Year
The beginning of a new year, and the beginning of new arrival of figures and stuff. Well, the new stuff are just simple and decent enough. And so without further ado... Here's what I've obtained at the beginning of the new year.

First of is the awesome-looking MG Shin Musha Gundam. This is actually a gift for me from my cousin who went to Japan in the month of December. And it arrived in my home in mid-January...

Completing this one, took me almost a week to complete this job. Its smaller than my MG GM[Ver.1], almost the same size as my MG Strike Freedom Gundam, but smaller than my MG Unicorn Gundam Ver. KA in Destroy mode.

I like the design of this one. The weaponry on this one is sweet, and its looks great.

The last one I obtained this month is the Figma Aigis/Aegis from the game Shin Megami Tenshi Persona 3. I ordered this figure from a person in our Figure Forum -> OtaKai Figure Society, its cheaper than those I find in the shops here.

Anyway, she looks decent. She's definitely much bigger than the Figma Megurine Luka and Figma Yagami Hayate... I wasn't expecting that she'd be almost the same size of the Revoltech Makinami Mari Illustrious.

Love that giant Rocket Punch!

This pose is good...

Well, that's done with the figure, and I finally finished Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. TT_TT I cried for Aqua's sake. Well, that's done on the level of what January has produced, and so this blog is done.

End of Story... Goodbye!

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