Feb 28, 2011

New Obtainment [Feb 2011]

The arrival of new items
Items arriving for February

 Another month has passed and new items arrived. Simple updates on stuff... That's all... And now, what I've obtained this month.
First of all, its the SIC KT Kamen Rider Blade King Form. I did watch a little of Kamen Rider Blade, and I was planning to get the SIC KT Kamen Rider Blade. But after like seven to eight months and it wasn't coming out and I got tired of waiting... Good thing the shop owner was generous enough for them to change the item to this one since the other one was being delayed so much.

So the thing and it gold colors look so great.

That blade is awesomesauce!

Dual blade wield is crazy...

Size comparison shows he's definitely king between both Den-O and Faiz.

My blade is bigger than your blade...

Now my second arrival is the figma Aya Syameimaru/Shameimaru. Never played Touhou, in some sense... But, I think I played a little. But, she's definitely one of my favorite characters in Touhou.

Aya is always shown as a pervert since she's the fastest crow tengu. There's no way that she's be standing normally without that figma stand because of them shoes.

Fan mode. Control the wind!

Time to write something for my newspaper. Cuz, she's a reporter.

Her signature "Old School" Camera.

Oh, you silly!

Size comparison. Bigger than Figma Yagami Hayate and Tsuruya, definitely smaller than Figma Aigis/Aegis and Revoltech Makinami Mari Illustrious. She's almost the same size as Figma Megurine Luka.

Shutter chance!

This looks great on paper!

And last of the obtainments this Feb, is the PS3 game Marvel VS Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. I haven't gotten in the knack of playing it... But, I'm definitely playing it soon...

Well, that's all I write today and nothing seems to be the wiser and I'm really getting my butt kicked in a few. Now,this blog is finished. End of Story... Goodbye!

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