Jun 24, 2013

Weekly Report [02] - Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation

This Week... I dubbed "Sniper Week"
Its time to hit long and go Japanese!
2nd week of Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation!

The new week of Gundam Battle Operation, Japan's on the rise, I also faced overwhelming opposition and total screwed. A bunch of lucky shots here and there. And finally, a Destiny that needs to be fulfilled. So I finished DL the Japanese Ver of Gundam Battle Operation and making a JPN PSN Account was quite hard. Well its Japanese, so I had to guess and stuff.
I'm so DEAD!
Overwhelming opponents... I just got rushed and mauled over by many MS and they were OVERWHELMING. They're using High-end MS while I'm stuck with the puny GM or Zaku II. But still, I do manage to deal damage to some of them. Even some luck, to deal damage and kill one MS or two... The opposition is still killing you in many ways as possible.
 So much getting creamed on
I did some damage while I play around and did some awesome kills. Since this is Sniper Week, Snipers play the main part(except the Japanese one since I don't have yet snipers there...) Long range killings, lucky kills with me dying... But not without taking one with me. And a grenade right on the face of a newly hijacked GM. Some winnings, mostly losings that's the life of a casual gamer like me :3c. But for the rest of the week, I did manage to Hijack some high-end MS. Gouf, and Blue Destiny Unit 2.... TWICE XD
How do you like me now you madaflargers
A destiny that needs to be fulfilled, and that destiny are two Mobile Suit from the Sidestory of Mobile Suit Gundam called: The Blue Destiny. These Mobile Suits are the MS-08TX(EXAM) Efreet Custom and the RX-79BD-2 Gundam Blue Destiny Unit 2 which is are both slated for ZEON:
 MS-08TX(EXAM) Efreet Custom - HK Gundam Battle Operation
 RX-79BD-2 Gundam Blue Destiny Unit 2 - JPN Gundam Battle Operation
After the week's end, I manage to get the Efreet Custom. And the Blue Destiny will be my 1st Gundam to be unlocked XD. Its now on 50%... But after finishing the blueprints and reach 100%, the points/money is going to hurt... BIG TIME. About 17800 points, the most expensive MS I'll be unlocking up to date... That is when ZEON is clearly in my favor with the addition of the MS-08TX(EXAM) Efreet Custom(This is for the HK Ver). But for the week within the JPN Ver, luck isn't in my side and keep unlocking chips and not the final 50% blueprints for the Blue Destiny Unit 2. Yet the Efreet Custom was quite lucky for me to unlock it during Sniper week. I just hope that I can still unlock that Blue Destiny :3c
Prepare for some EXAM-inations! I have unlocked the EXAM Efreet Custom
With this and that stuff ending, Sniper week has ended... I'll go for Cannon Week or another MS Type, most likely the Melee type.

So this Blog is Finished.

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