Jun 17, 2013

Weekly Report [01] - Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation

My First Experience... Time to enter the battlefield!
 Everyone ready? The let's go!
Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation

Sortie out on foot or on your Mobile Suit. Time for Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation. The game was first introduced in 2012 for the Japan PSN, it now made its way to the Hong Kong and Taiwan PSN. The difference is that its Chinese rather than Japanese. My PSN is slated for HK, so lucky me... The best part Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation, its FREE! (I'll try my luck and create a JPN PSN Account to DL the Japanese Ver XD)
Yeah... Chinese Version due to being HK thing.
Now with all the drama down, let's go with my 1st Recap!
The week begins and I have a real bad streak going on. Only winning a few games. But I guess it's also my fault since I'm no expert, I just play for fun. I would like to "partially" blame "Philippine Internet Access" for being slow and choppy at times.
GM VS Zaku
My 1st Victory is a 1-on-1 battle between me in my GM against my enemy and his Zaku II, the best part I didn't sustain a loss. After winning losing is a part of life and face it with dignity. Now my problem arises after two battles with the same ending and scenario playing out... I got killed by the same enemy, OUTSIDE my Mobile Suit. Then he hijacks it!
Well... It was nice it was nice Knowing you...
After some more battling it out, I fight my battles and does some lucky strike. With me doing a unintentional choice of going on foot. With a soldier trying to take an outpost, with his Mobile Suit beside him and he didn't saw me coming! XD Killed him and took over his GM.
This is me... Hijacking that GM!
More highlights of wins and loses. A win and lose with me having top points against my teammates. Siege Mode is something a new for me since I play always at the basic mode. Both Siege Mode saw my opponents winning with overwhelming power, as if scripted for my team to lose >.< and wanting to win easily.
That battle was CLEARLY SCRIPTED!!!
My Mobile Suit sustained tremendous damage and was able to exit the MS before being destroyed... Luckily I was near an outpost near my enemy's base.
With that over, let's look at the new obtainment in the Mobile Suit Division.
[B] - Blue = All-Purpose
[R] - Red = Melee
[Y] - Yellow = Artillery
EFF - Ready to Sortie
[R] - RGM-79L GM Light Armor
[Y] - RGM-79(G) GM Ground Type Weapon Rack
[Y] - RGM-79(G) GM Sniper
[Y] - RGC-80 GM Cannon
[Y] - RX-75-4 Guntank
EFF - Blueprint & Points to Unlock
[B] - RGM-79 GM-Lv2
[B] - RGM-79(G) GM Ground Type
ZEON - Ready to Sortie
[Y] - MS-06K Zaku Cannon
[R] - MS-06FS Zaku II-Garma Zabi Custom
[Y] - MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type
ZEON - Blueprint & Points to Unlock
[B] - MS-06 Zaku II-Lv2
[B] - MS-06 Zaku II-Commander Type
[Y] - MS-06 Zaku II-Artillery Variation
[Y] - MS-06V Zaku Tank
So basically, I'm a Feddie Scumbag :3c And my best Mobile Suits at the moment are the RGM-79L GM Light Armor & RGM-79(G) GM Sniper. GM Light Armor has a weak armor, but it makes up for speed and Melee attacks combo. The GM Sniper is "Sniping the Targets" at a long distance.
Going all Long Range BEATCHES!!!
Stuff I'm going to plan for next week... Try and create a Japanese PSN Account so I could DL the Japanese Ver XD... Unlock weaponry and other MS. I'm definitely going to train on my Artillery(Snipers) & Melee type Mobile Suits. But must do my best to work on my skills.
This is me and my GM Sniper... Going to DL the Japanese Ver. :3c
And thus, my Weekly Report is finished!

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