Feb 10, 2013

Wonder Festival-2013-Winter

It's that time of year once again. Wonder Festival 2013 Winter...
New figures to show... And I just can't...
Too many new figures... Too little money... Too little time... RIP Wallet
And those figures which have interested me.

It's Wonder Festival once again. Time for new items to be shown and this time... Many of us are affected by this latest wave of stuff! And we just... CAN'T! OK, here are some of the items in question which appeared in WF which has became a part of my interest.
Akane Isshiki from the Anime VividRed Operation
Surrounding is the new Labrys from P4U
Aigis/Aegis goes back to school in her Gekoukan High School Uniform
Dem Chopping Boards XD... Must be Noel Vermillion... I mean her true form: Mu-12
Le anime about Plot and Economics... Our favorite Demon King Maou.
Its the Black Swordsman Kirito's Cousin... Kirigaya Suguha... Yeah...
ALL OF MY NOSTALGIA FEELS!!! Our favorit Card Captor... Sakura Kinomoto and Kero!

Those Large Scale Figs are nice. And these are just the teaser for some of them... Now for the other figures in question AKA them Nendoroids.
Now we have a Nendo Aigis coming...
AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA~! A Nendo Aya is part of my interests.
Nendo Maria and Misaki...
Maou also gets a Nendo...
HEIL BRITANNIA... Cecilia Alcott Nendo.

dem Nendoroids and stuff... I just can't... With them showing up, I fear the figma line which I'm collecting.
Akane Isshiki in her battle clothing
The two main girls in Vividred Operation
AVENGERS!!! And Spiderman
Honda Futayo
figma or figmas from the IDOLM@STER... Girls of 765pro...
DAMN! With these only the one which are a part of my interest... Many more are showing up... And they make some people now CRY! Funeral Processions are going on as Otaku wallets bleed to death with upcoming new figures shown here at WF.
Damn... I'm doomed!
So signing out and this blog post is finished!

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