Jun 18, 2012

Gundam AGE Episode 36

The continuing battle... And the conclusion of it.
Zanald: Prepare to be "Penetrated!"
Let's begin with Gundam AGE Episode 36

The continuing battle between a pincer attack by the Vagans left a close call for the AGE-3 Orbital. Zanald with his Zamdrag AKA Gorilla Vagan MS is about to capture the AGE-3. Until Flit saves Kio.
I will not let you capture my grandson!
Flit pretty much wrote the book an plans to save Kio leaving him to deal Zeheart and Zanald. And apparently Flit still can deal with the two even with an outdated MS. So Kio goes back to the Diva as his grandpa orders to...
Going back to the Diva would have been a better plan.
... But Kio as he enters the Diva, he goes back to save his grandpa... BAD MOVE!  As Kio goes back, Zanald's MS gets the upper hand and Kio decides to throw away the tactics of battle and continue with emotional strains.
... Definitely a gorilla looking thingie-mah-hoozen and captured AGE-3 Orbital
With this move, Kio and the AGE-3 Orbital gets captured by the big gorilla MS. To leave a bad taste to Zeheart's mouth, Zanald bitch slaps Zeheart on the back.
Zanald: Yo Zeheart... You be stupid and buy some time as I bring the Gundam to my ship!
Zeheart: ... Le what!? *BOOM!* 

Double Strike! Flit and Zeheart never saw this attack coming...
The despair continues as both things fall into place and the Gundam AGE-3 gets captured and the Vagan forces retreated. Flit gets mad with the Diva's crew and stuff. Even his daughter Unoa intervenes to control his temper...
DAD! Relax!
Well, lookie where we are again...
So after some time, they finally reach the Madorna Workshop and some meeting with family ties as Rody meet again with his mom Laraparly.
 Damn you son of mine... 
So dad... Who should I blame for my son's capture...
Of course the Madorna Workshop will help Flit's group... But first... since it's Father's Day yesterday, let's have a good Father-to-Son dealings with Flit and Asemu. So Asemu decide to let Flit's group rest and get repaired while Asemu goes and rescue his son. Yet Flit disagrees because Asemu's already a pirate, left his family and why should he trust him..
Flit: I disagree on YOU saving my grandson!
Asemu: Damn it dad! He's my son! I'm saving him!
Flit: ... Fine You can save my grandson!
Asemu: Thanks dad!
After a long conversation and an even longer "Staring Contest" Flit gives the go ahead and let the Visidians go rescue Kio.
 OK guys let's be pirates and rescue the Gundam AGE-3!
Now the Vagans have captured a Gundam and stuff...
As the Zanald's group goes to the Mars Sphere with the Gundam and Kio, Kio is terrified on what will to him...

... So this is the how the Vagan's live by
So next episode will see Kio meeting with Lord Ezelcant and the Humans living in the Mars Sphere... This is giving me some Victory Gundam feel ad stuff. And thus this anime blog is Finished!

End of Story... GOODBYE!!!

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