Jun 5, 2012

Gundam AGE Episode 34

Space Pirates Gokaigers... I mean Visidian or Bisidians. Pirate-themed MS up and coming!


... OK, here's Gundam AGE Episode 34

With the successful defense of the base in South America. The Diva team head out to SPACE and has to pass to the special area Sargasso to reach the moon..
Special Alert Area also known as Sargasso... What a MESS!
The Visidian's/Bisidian's other MS, the Shaldoll Rogue

But then, the Space Pirates Visidians show up and stuff! Both groups sortie out and Kio detects a fifth MS going out. Abis' team battles two Shaldoll Rogues and two G-EXES Jackedges and the fifth MS Kio detected, the "Dark Hound."
Dark Hound RIDAHH KICK!!!!
Hmm... The leader.
That looks like what my son used to have... One X-Rounder Revelation later:
You got to be kidding me! Is that really Asemu!?

... We now know what the heck happened to Asemu. Kio hasn't yet detect, but grandpa Flit(with a few moments to think) discovers the truth! The "Dark Hound" is the Gundam AGE-2 DH and the son who's been listed as MIA back after Kio's birth is now le captain and leader of the Space Pirates Visidians.

Oh hi dad! Did you miss me!
Vagan ready to crash the party...

Then them Vagans appear. Flit does some tactical plan and creates a scenario that made both Visidians and Abis' team go and take out them Vagans. Kio manages to take two down but was trapped and almost dead. But dad saves the day and...
Dad, you still got it... 
... Dude, your son's about to be killed!
After a quick saving work...
Back stab imminent... I DON'T THINK SO! 

... YES! Don't mess with the Super (Pirate)Pilot! Back Stab Denied! So Asemu gives a secret item to Kio which Asemu knows will determine the fate of the war... And the battle over, Flit discuss to his grandson that his dad is the leader and he was fighting him.

The mysterious item attached to the Gundam...

With many question being asked and the whole shindig of Pirates, Vagans and a treasure... The upcoming episodes will be getting interesting or rushed upon or something... Anyway, next episode is still in SPACE... Zeheart's MS battles and bits and stuff. And the reveal of the Gundam AGE-3 Orbital... and one stupid looking fatso MS!

... Dem beams of light attack or something...
AGE-3 Orbital
Fatso MS is Bulky... Reminds me of the Rozen Zulu from Gundam Unicorn

Thus, this anime blog is finished!
End of Story... GOODBYE!!!

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