Jun 25, 2012

AGP Britannia School Uniform Version

All Hail Britannia!!!
As usual from Bandai, they churn out exclusive with another exclusive figure from the mecha-musume anime "Infinite Stratos." They first release Cecilia Alcott in her school uniform ver.
Bandai will be releasing a School Uniform version of Britannia's IS pilot Cecilia Alcott as part of the Armor Girls Project and another Tamashii Web Exclusive.
Here's a sandwich for you...

Hello... I'm Cecilia Alcott

... He man, this is crazy!

I will add these...

... OMG! Are you OK!?

AGP Cecilia Alcott School Uniform Version is available for pre-orders and you can get her for the price of 3200 yen. Release date will be November 2012.

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