Feb 12, 2012

Kurosaka Ise: Ultimate Form Version [WIP]

A Total Work and creation of an Original Character. Kurosaka Ise

 Kurosaka Ise: Ultimate Form Version [WIP] as of Feb. 1, 2012
Name: Kurosaka Ise
Age: Unknown
Data: Complete Data is Unknown... Only known data of said person is that she's a Living Weapon. And her association/heroes

 This work is been a long time working... And procrastinating on a custom Figma work which is still in the working progress. The difference from the 1st work is that this form will be her Ultimate Form Version.

 Work in the Past[Pre-Ultimate Form Version]

Work in the Past[Colored Plus 2nd Revisions]

Ultimate Form Ideas... This is where the fun past starts... Because it's a whole new level than the 1st previous forms and work.

 This is the inspirational item to work on...
Now more added shick and the Ultimate Form... Takes Partial Shape.

 Kurosaka Ise's Ultimate form added with Gunpla parts. A Mecha-Musume concept is here.

And here are the shick I'm still going to do to her:
Hair Fix... Maybe Helmet
Weaponry and Equipment
... Still a lot to do... 

Well... I should finish this, and I shall... Thus this blog is Finished!
End of Story... GOODBYE!

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