Dec 21, 2011

[Max Factory]Figma Phantasmoon

Magic Circuit Fullcount!
Saber... The most notable and most milked character from Type-Moon has seen so much products that she and Canaan are the known Main Girls that have reach the figma series. But now a new figma is in the firing line and her name is... Arcueid Brunestud in her Mahou Shoujo form, Phantasmoon Eclipse.

Definitely she looks cute... Some are clammering that she isn't in her usual clothes, but due to the Type-Moon 10th anniversary and celebrating it with the OVA "Carnival Phantasm" you'll definitely see her being in this clothes and she's quite cute.

A Beautiful Mahou Shoujo True Ancestor

Summons Bats

Ultimate Weapon: Ciel's Curry!

She'll be available in May of 2012 with a price of 3000 yen... With the arrival of Arcueid, She'll be charming you in every way she knows how

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