Nov 25, 2011

Infinite Stratos Action Figure...

Bandai, a notable manufacturer for Gunpla or other Gundam-related figures, and the Figuarts line seems definite to release more things in the future. And what appears to be a preview from a recent Mecha-Musume anime, Infinite Stratos. It shows the all five girls, yet Shinonono Houki is the only one who's colored...

So Tamashii Nations 2011 Event was showing it's first day of many figures and things that you would buy next year. This be a perfect time to show Houki with her IS, Akatsubaki. 

But instead of Houki and her Akatsubaki, a different person appeared on the horizon. It was Cecilia Alcott and her Blue Tears.

Yes, this is quite a shocker. First impressions on this figure looks quite decent and very nice. One thing is for sure, her color scheme is almost equal to Hi Nu Gundam v2 or even the Strike Freedom Gundam. But one thing is for sure, If they release (most likely they will.) the others. She'll be the only one that I'll get since she's the one I like!

Y U Show her first. I Jelly!

Bandai is so trolling us with so much new items being previewed that it making us jelly with so much items that I don't wanna talk about it anymore.

Thus this blog is Finished. End of Story... GOODBYE!!!

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