May 10, 2012

Gundam AGE Episode 30

 Those Vagans/Veigans are Monsters! Attacking an unsuspecting Ice Cream truck is totally uncalled for!
Anyway... Here's Gundam AGE Episode 30.

After the revelation of the Gundam AGE-3 Normal and some defeated Vegans. Zeheart fights the Gundam. Since Flit is now a retiree and he can't boss around the Earth Federation Forces to his liking and giving the AGE-3 support as he would back when he was still commanding the Earth Federation Forces (EFF).
Yes... Mustaches make the man! 
Nevertheless Fredrick Algreus(The person above) gives Flit his support team with the old school battleship the Diva(Even after Flit and Asemu's generation... This is one tough cookie), yet the crew is anything but capable.
Do I look Captain worthy...
This is my first time... Please be gentle...

The Diva's crew consists of Natora/Natola Einus who was given a battlefield promotion as a joke/cuz' he wants Flit to be annoyed to get such a moe person with little skills as a captain. With a moe captain, we now have a bunch of misfits  en route. Luckily we do have some capable Mobile Suit pilots helping Kio... At least they'll manage.

Capable New Guy
Reliable person from the AGE-2 Timeline

So with the Diva entering the battlefield, we have the heir of the Mardona Workshop pulling out the stops and working with the AGE System and yields a  Mega Gun attachment for the AGE-3's Gun with the same power output as Diva's Photon Cannon, but safe enough to use in Earth's atmosphere. Kio shoots and scores, taking down the Vagan's battleship and teaching Zeheart not to mess with the Asunos!
How do you like my new gun
... Yet after one shot, the gun goes bye bye! With the battle won it's going to get rocky for the AGE-3 generations that's for sure. And the preview for the next episode yields desert battle, AGE-3 getting outmatched and launching out the new wear. Gundam AGE-3 Fortress
Dude... Zeheart GaletteTieria Erde will have a word with you!

Thus ending this anime blog.
End of Story... GOODBYE!

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