Aug 9, 2011

[Max Factory] BRS2035, Black ★ Rock Shooter

Here comes the last hope for mankind, and one Bad-@$$ looking figma!
Max Factory is backing up and releasing another figma from the Black ★ Rock Shooter line. And comes BRS2035 which can be seen in the upcoming game. Now she's looking so stoked to fight and get ready to get your butt kicked!
Here's she is with her usual weapon
She's definitely ready to fight!
BRS 2035 is coming
BRS2035 has her usual sword and giant cannon. The giant cannon get's a great upgrade. And BRS2035 has somekind of jet pack, and that jetpack is wicked. BRS2035 is coming to you in December 2011 if you can cough out 3500 yen for your purchase. For more information, see Product Page.

Meza now happy to get her!
... If you could excuse me, I'll be working on my Review for the Figma Kuroi Mato I just recently got. Finishing this blog, right... NOW!

This Blog is finished. End of Story... GOODBYE!!!

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