Aug 21, 2011

Figure in Review [Figma Kuroi Mato]

The Main Heroine from the anime Black ★ Rock Shooter... And it's not Black ★ Rock Shooter, but her human counterpart. Kuroi Mato.

Do you know what she's thinking?
Figure Specs:
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Series: Black ★ Rock Shooter
Scale: ???
Price: ¥2500
Here's my review of the figma from the anime Black ★ Rock Shooter, Kuroi Mato.

Here's the box preview... My recent haul...

Kuroi Mato is the human counterpart of Black ★ Rock Shooter as explained in the teaser. As you can see from her looks, she's a sports-oriented person.

The difference of this figma for the others I've obtained is that it is a Exclusive+Limited figure. A Good Smile Company Online Shop Exclusive and it's a Winter Wonder Festival 2011 Figure. So, only a few from here was able to get her. Luckily I was able to obtain her, yet I have to pay the price for its Exclusive+Limited status. And now let's see what she's sporting.

A good look of her stuff... Her display stand is included... But, didn't put it in the pic

The figma comes with many accessories that comes from the OVA. Her school bag which she uses when she goes to school. The school bag also has a basketball charm attached to it. Her blue clamshell phone is another accessory, she can use to call her friend Yomi or anyone. Lastly a basketball for her to use. She's seen in the OVA playing basketball. So, anyone can play with her. Two extra feet parts. These parts can change her footwear from her sport shoes to her school shoes.

Her School Bag 

She can even hold her school bag

 Her cellphone.

Hmmm... She might excited to received a text again from Yomi.

Ger ready to play some basketball...

 She's thinking of passing or shooting...
 This is the basketball. Since there's a special hand part which she can hold the ball, The ball can be placed on the figure stand.

 Here's her school shoes. You can change her sport shoes to her school shoes.

 Here's her left school shoe.

Here's her right school shoe.

Now she comes with the usual extra hands and stuff and we can check on her faceplates. The standard faceplate is her normal face or default face. Nothing special.

The happy/smiling face. This face can go with her with her friend Takanashi Yomi.

Isn't she the happiest person around...

The scheming/thinking face. This face is pure win. The main reason I or many bought this figma. This face can go to almost anywhere.

 You can't deny that face...

Trollin' face. Or swaggin'

More photos to suffice your pallet.

Mato is such a card

There are some flaws in this figma, one of them is the anomaly in her arms which is different from the previous release. And the thing that makes people really rant about is the status of her run. Exclusive+Limited... Now the new annoyance is this being very wanted and hard to find, even if you find one... She'll cost like super heck or even equal to a large scale figure.

 As you can see, there is an anomaly on the anatomy of her arm.

And thus we end this Figma review. This blog about a review of Figma Kuroi Mato is finished. Finally finished this after such a long delay. Thus this Blog is FINISHED!!!

End of Story... Goodbye!

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